1. Stop By Our Loveland Car Wash and We’ll Bet You Get This Song Stuck In Your Head

    You can probably guess which song we hear most at our job. If you said "Car Wash" by Rose Royce, you’re right! And it’s not because it’s constantly playing on the Muzak, because it’s not. It’s because, once a customer sees our sign that says we’re the “#1 Car Wash In Loveland,” the words car wash just trips something in their memory...and they’re humming, whistling, or singing "…Read More

  2. 4 Cars We Wouldn’t Mind Stopping By Our Loveland Car Wash

    You know, owning a full-service car wash sometimes has its advantages. Work here long enough and you’ll end up driving just about every model of car that’s been made in the last two decades. You’ll certainly drive every make. (More than anything, though, you’ll be pulling a lot of Toyota and Honda minivans through the quick car wash!) But there are cars that we don’t see every day, those…Read More

  3. Leasing Your Vehicle? You Need Regular Car Washes & Full Service Auto Detailing

      Some people love leasing their cars...they can keep payments about the same from car to car and get to upgrade more often. But there are penalties that are associated with a lease: if you want to return the car early, if you can’t pay the monthly bill, if you go over the allotted mileage...and if you return the car in bad condition. So what are the advantages of bringing your leased car to Sp…Read More

  4. Avoid Rust and a Dirty Car

    Winter is coming to Loveland, which only means that the roadways are about to become filled with slippery areas and the materials dumped from the backend of the city’s snow plows. With all of these minerals and debris flying up into the wheel wells of your car, we know that your car will soon become caked with an unwanted white film of antifreeze from the roadways we drive daily. There is a way …Read More