Why wax?

For many of us, our vehicles are almost like a part of the family. We depend on them to get us through our days, comfortably and safely. That is why preventative maintenance is so important to ensuring the quality of your vehicle and the protection on your investment. We often hear about the evils that Magnesium Chloride can reap on your car and why regular washing is one of the cardinal winter rules. Mag Chloride might be one of the most harmful, but there are a plethora of other elements working together to degrade your vehicle including; mud, slush, grease, [...]

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The Evils of Magnesium Chloride

  Did you know that the Colorado Department of Transportation recommends washing your vehicle once a week during winter, more if it snows? That is because magnesium chloride is used to prevent roads from icing over. While we are all grateful for safer driving conditions, mag chloride can really damage your vehicle if left to sit. Not only does it corrode chrome and alloy, it eats away at the wires and hoses underneath your car, including brake lines! The key to keeping yourself safe and maintaining the value of your vehicle this winter is frequent washes. Especially if you often [...]

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To Rain-X® or not to Rain-X®

If you have ever applied Rain-X® to your windshield, you are aware of what a great product it is. It helps to repel water off of your windshield during poor weather, creating safer driving conditions, and a better ride. At Speedy Sparkle Car Wash, we use the Rain-X® Complete Weather Protectant, and it is much more than a glass treatment. The Complete Weather Protectant creates a chemical bond that helps to protect all of the exterior surfaces on your vehicle, including the paint, glass, plastic, and trims. With autumn here, and winter quickly on its way, protecting your vehicle and [...]

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A Better Wash at Speedy Sparkle!

As you have most likely seen, Speedy Sparkle Car Wash will be implementing a price increase on August 1st, 2015. Price changes are a necessary evil of doing business, for both producers, and consumers. As the cost of doing business rises, so must the prices. It is important to us that our customers understand, that along with higher prices, you are getting a better wash. Since Speedy Sparkle Car Wash was rebuilt in 2009 we have committed ourselves to providing a better, faster, and safer wash. We have done so by installing top of the line Belanger tunnel equipment, a [...]

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What’s It Mean To Be The Best Car Wash In Loveland, CO?

Let’s just come out and say it...we think we’re the best car wash in Loveland, for both interior and exterior detailing. But what makes us think that, and what can we say to convince you? Well, we really know what we’re doing when it comes to... The Outdoor Grime - The stuff that gets on a car can stay on there for years if you don’t know how to get it off correctly. Good thing we do know the best way to do your auto detailing, and the best solutions to getting off the winter mag chloride and the summer [...]

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Adventures in Car Washing…

This past April, our fearless Speedy Sparkle leaders ventured to Las Vegas for the International Car Wash Show. The Show is the largest convention of its kind, offering a meeting ground for the top decision makers and innovators that make the car wash industry what it is (are you ready to book your tickets for the 2016 show yet?). While perusing the newest and noteworthy soaps and services, we came to a major conclusion about Speedy Sparkle Car Wash, we ARE doing what we set out to do. In 2009 when we rebuilt Speedy Sparkle our mission was to assure [...]

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Spring Cleaning For Your Car

Spring Cleaning is just as important for your car as it is for your home. Every time you enter your car, you track in dirt, gravel, and debris. Add in the winter slush and chemicals, and chances are, you’ve given your car mats and carpet a workout over the last few months. A clean interior is not only pleasing to look at and a more comfortable drive, it also helps to protect your investment. Let Speedy Sparkle Car Wash take care of your car’s interior for you. We have several options available that will make your time spent on the [...]

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A Wash a Day Keeps the Dirt Away…

Regular washing is not just about keeping up the appearance of your vehicle, it's about keeping the value. Salt, dirt, and magnesium chloride WILL damage your car if left unattended. It can be easy to play the waiting game when it comes to washing your car this time of year; "I'll go to the car wash after the next snow," or "I'll wash my car at home the next warm day." These can be dangerous practices. Leaving salt and chemicals on your car for any amount of time can lead to corrosion and rust. The beauty of our "Shine On" [...]

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