1. Stop By Our Loveland Car Wash and We’ll Bet You Get This Song Stuck In Your Head

    You can probably guess which song we hear most at our job. If you said "Car Wash" by Rose Royce, you’re right! And it’s not because it’s constantly playing on the Muzak, because it’s not. It’s because, once a customer sees our sign that says we’re the “#1 Car Wash In Loveland,” the words car wash just trips something in their memory...and they’re humming, whistling, or singing "…Read More

  2. Car Washes In Movies and TV

    Over the years in this car wash blog we’ve told you about serious subjects like how mag chloride can destroy parts of your car. We’ve told you about how car washes can actually make your car safer, from washing debris off the brakes to providing you with cleaner windows so that you can see out better. We’ve also detailed (pun intended, why not?) the ways in which getting your car washed at o…Read More

  3. How Getting A Full-Service Car Wash Can Make You Safer

    When most people think of a trip to the car wash, they’re concerned about the look of their car. Maybe they have a new car and want to get it looking as nice as possible. Or perhaps they’ve been down a bunch of gravel roads and are looking to get the dust off. So when most people head to a full-service car detail, they’re not often thinking about safety. But the fact is that a trip to the ca…Read More

  4. A Few More Testimonials About Our Full-Service Car Wash

      It’s been a few months now since we’ve taken a look at some of our customer reviews and responded to what they’ve been saying about us. We always love hearing from our customers, whether they’re praising us or want us to know about any problems they’ve had, so today we’ve going to take some time away from discussing why you need a full service car wash in Colorado and let our cu…Read More

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day! Get Your Car Ready For the Big Night

    No doubt about it, it’s been unseasonably warm here in Northern Colorado. Yesterday it was 72 degrees! So while it doesn’t help our lakes and rivers much, the lack of snow and the cold that accompanies it means that it’s going to be a nice night on Valentine's Day. Still, that probably doesn’t mean that you’ll be walking to your dinner location, and you’ll most likely be taking a vehic…Read More

  6. What Can Magnesium Chloride Do To Your Vehicle?

      In 2016 Loveland had one of the longest and most pleasant falls in recent memory. It stayed warm longer than usual, the trees kept their leaves into November, and the first real snow didn’t bother us until December, if memory serves. So even though it feels good to be past the winter solstice and have the days getting longer, that great fall weather we had means that we’re not even half…Read More

  7. 3 Reasons Winter Brings Everyone Into Our Full Service Car Wash

    While we haven’t had too much snow here in northern Colorado beyond what dropped about three weeks ago, there’s no doubt that a lot more is still coming. And while we had an unusually long fall, the last few days have gotten very cold, dipping into the teens (and even lower with the wind chill). Winter is here, and we won’t be saying goodbye to it until April. Winter brings with it a number …Read More

  8. It’s Fall In Fort Collins: 3 Reasons You Need Auto Detailing This Season

    Summer is over and kids have been back to school for a couple of weeks now. While you might have been able to go the summer without auto detailing, fall is here and it’s definitely time to start up some frequent full-service cleaning of the car, both inside and out. Well, especially the inside! Why? Here are three good reasons to have your car detailed frequently. The Snacks If your kids spent t…Read More

  9. 2 Reasons You’ll Be Needing a Full Service Car Detail Around The 4th of July

    Happy 4th of July! Whether you live in Fort Collins or Loveland, you’re sure to get an amazing show! “Fun in the sun” can be great throughout July, but it’s still a good idea to take care of your vehicle. Here are a couple reasons you’ll want to stop by for a full-service car wash. Before It Rots It’s the middle of summer, which means picnics, trips to the beach at Boyd Lake or Horseto…Read More

  10. Top Rated Local® Car Wash Reviews From Our Fort Collins and Loveland Customers

      We talked about our ratings on Top Rated Local® before, one of the most trustworthy review sites on the web. Why is it so trustworthy? Well, first of all each and every review has to be from a verified customer, so there’s much less chance that our competitors are stopping by the site just to trash up out of spite. Second, TRL is not like some companies who will hold back positive reviews un…Read More