1. 4 More Cars That The Average Full-Service Car Wash Might Groan At

    In our previous article we discussed some of the cars that have been made and sold in the United States over the years that might have trouble going through you typical full-service car wash. After all, there are quite a few lemons that Americans have driven over the years, and some just might not hold up to the pressures of a car wash (or maybe it’s the dirt that’s keeping them held together!…Read More

  2. Cars That Might Just Have Trouble In Your Typical Automatic Car Wash

    You know what? Not all cars are created equal. There have been some true works of art made over the years, and we wouldn’t mind seeing them stop through our car wash. In fact, we even wrote a blog about some of our favorites we'd like to see pull up for a full-service car wash. Then there are the cars that we seldom see, mostly because they fell apart years ago! And if they ever show up at a typ…Read More

  3. How Rain Can Affect Your Clean Car

    We’ve really had some interesting weather here in Colorado during the first part of August. Most days it threatened to rain, and then it rained, and then it cleared up, and then it rained some more. Normal enough. Then we go out to our car on August 9 and WHERE THE HECK DID THAT COME FROM? Even though it’s rained just about every day this month, this is the first time there’s been a huge amo…Read More

  4. 4 Cars We Wouldn’t Mind Stopping By Our Loveland Car Wash

    You know, owning a full-service car wash sometimes has its advantages. Work here long enough and you’ll end up driving just about every model of car that’s been made in the last two decades. You’ll certainly drive every make. (More than anything, though, you’ll be pulling a lot of Toyota and Honda minivans through the quick car wash!) But there are cars that we don’t see every day, those…Read More

  5. How Getting Your Car Washed Can Put Your Mind at Ease

    Let’s start off with a Google review we’ve received, because if you read nothing else in this blog then this review should sum it up nicely. “When my car is clean I feel like I am more motivated to face the next thing on my list of tasks” — Sven Daniel Severin via Google review The sentiment expressed by Sven is certainly something that many of us can relate to. Truth be told, we hear si…Read More

  6. What To Do In Loveland After Your Car Gets Nice and Clean

      While we don’t recommend ignoring the cleanliness needs of your car during winter, we understand when people wait until spring to give it that first car wash of the year. Of course, winter stuck around a little too long this year, so many of you are just getting to your first full-service car wash since October! But now it’s summer! It’s time to get that car washed and head out to hav…Read More

  7. 3 Upcoming Events You’ll Want To Precede with Auto Detailing

    A couple of months ago we gave you a bunch of reasons why you want to invest in a bit of car detailing before going out on a Valentine’s Day date. After all, you want your date to be impressed by all you’ve done for them, not be distracted by a dusty, messy car. It’s true whether you’re going on a first date or have been married for 50 years. That article got us thinking about some more of…Read More

  8. It’s Review Time! Responding to Google Reviews For Our Full Service Car Wash

    Here’s something that we haven’t done for a while. Every so often we like to take a look at what customers are saying about us and reply to their comments, concerns, and compliments. After all, the only way we’re going to get better is to listen to what our customers are saying and tweak our business appropriately. We’re very happy to say we get many more good comments than bad, but we’r…Read More

  9. Why Car Washes Are Needed Even In A Dry Winter

    Just a couple of months ago we told you about the damaging nature of magnesium chloride that crews put down when it’s snowy and icy out. We told you how it can cause your hub and your wheel to rust together and how it eats away at rubber (including brake lines!). With there being so many dangers associated with mag chloride, it’s no wonder mechanics recommend visiting a full-service car wash i…Read More

  10. Are you really going to drive from Fort Collins for a car wash?

    If you’re looking for a full-service auto detailing in Loveland, the answer is obvious: Speedy Sparkle car wash is centrally located and is pretty much 10 minutes away from just about anywhere in the city. But if you live in Fort Collins, you might be looking at a 20 or 25-minute drive to get here to Speedy Sparkle Car Wash. Will you really drive just to get and excellent detailing? Well, many o…Read More