An Overview Of Our Car Wash Services

Considering how much time you spend in your vehicle, wouldn’t it make sense to keep it as clean as possible? At Speedy Sparkle, we strive to have your car or truck looking as good as it did the day you bought it.

Here are some of the car wash services we offer.

Deluxe Service Washes

Diamond Deluxe Service Wash – $65

Here’s the best deal at our Louisville car wash! The Diamond Deluxe Service Wash is a combination of our Sapphire and Ruby Deluxe Service Washes.

Ruby Deluxe Service Wash – $55

We apply Nature’s Superior Carnauba Wax and buff it in for a brilliant protective shine. The Ruby Deluxe Service Wash also includes our Ultimate Wash.

Sapphire Deluxe Service Wash – $45

This package features the Emerald Deluxe Service Wash plus a thorough cleaning of four floor mats.

Emerald Deluxe Service Wash – $40

We apply a protective and restorative dressing to your vehicle’s interior surfaces after our Ultimate Wash. It’s no wonder what makes this one of our most popular services!

Full-Service Washes

Ultimate Full-Service Wash – $25

This package includes our Speedy Total Protection Exterior Wash, as well as hand-drying, vacuuming, interior dusting, window cleaning, and tire shining. 

Exterior Washes

Speedy Total Protection – $14

We combine our Speedy Super Wash with wheel cleaning, Rocker Blast, and Rain-X® complete surface protectant.

Speedy Super – $9

The Speedy Super Wash combines our Speedy Basic package with an undercarriage wash.

Speedy Basic – $6

Your vehicle will be showroom-fresh after a combination of our Speedy Light Wash, spot-free rinse, and full blow-dry.

Speedy Light – $4

We make your car look like new with a tunnel wash and light blow-dry.

Stop By Our Louisville Car Wash

There’s just something about driving a clean vehicle. Whether you’re wanting to impress a client or a date, an attractive ride goes a long way. At Speedy Sparkle Car Wash, we’re all about providing top-notch service at an affordable price.

Come see us at our Louisville car wash today!

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