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  • $35 Shine On! Unlimited Ultimate Wash
    Unlimited Speedy Total Protection Washes PLUS Hand Dry, Vacuuming, Interior Dusting, Window Clean & Tire Shine!
  • $25 Speedy Total Protection
    Unlimited Speedy Super Washes PLUS Wheel Cleaning, Rocker Blast and Rain-X® Complete Surface Protectant!
  • $16 Speedy Super
    Unlimited Speedy Basic Washes PLUS Undercarriage with Rust Inhibitor and Triple Foam Polish!
  • $12 Speedy Basic
    Unlimited Speedy Light Washes PLUS Spot Free Rinse and Full Blow Dry!
  • $10 Speedy Light
    Unlimited Speedy Light Washes; a Tunnel Wash and Light Blow Dry!

  • Enjoy a clean car every day!
  • HUGE savings grow with each wash!
  • No commitment—cancel or upgrade ANYTIME!

  • 10% Merchandise Discounts
  • Upgrade your wash on any visit
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