Are you particular about how your vehicle looks? Well, if you can’t stand a dirty car or truck, it’s time to stop by Speedy Sparkle. We are proud to be a locally owned, environmentally-friendly car wash and detailing business in Lafayette. But what exactly makes us stand out from competitors? Let’s start with the fact that we offer a guarantee on both full and deluxe services. Here’s how it works: if you aren’t satisfied with our work, let us know within three days and we will make it right with a “Speedy Exterior Wash” free of charge. At Speedy Sparkle, the customer has and always will be our No. 1 priority.

Let’s take a closer look at some of our car wash services:

  • Exterior washes – Perhaps you want a professional clean but don’t have a ton of time. If so, then we recommend the Speedy Exterior Wash. This service includes a tunnel wash, spot-free rinse, and an air dry for just $6.95. Another popular package is The Outer Limits. This is a combination of our Speedy Wash and towel dry along with a wheel scrub, tire shine, triple foam polish and rust inhibitor and a Rain-X® rinse.
  • Full-service washes – We take just as much pride in a clean car as you do. That’s why we offer three full-service washes. Take our Basic Full-Service Wash, for example. It includes a tunnel wash, spot-free rinse and hand dry in addition to vacuuming, window cleaning, and dusting. Have some additional time on your hands? Be sure to ask about our Ultimate Full-Service Wash for just $24.95.
  • Deluxe service washes – Picking up an important client from the airport? Hoping to make a big-time impression on date night? Then we invite you to check out our deluxe service washes. If you want your car or truck to be showroom fresh, Speedy Sparkle has you covered.

Imagine having a clean car every day. It’s possible with the Unlimited Wash Club! Simply choose which package is right for you and stop by our car wash as often as you’d like.

Stop by Speedy Sparkle today for auto detailing and more.