What makes Speedy Sparkle Car Wash different? We make you happy with a clean car, inside and out.

Service is a dirty word at most car washes. The inside of your car is your problem. What? Life with your car doesn’t need to be this way!  We don’t want you to drive around with candy and hamburger wrappers on the floor, sand and grit grinding at the heels of your shoes, cereal in the back seat and windows so grimy on the inside that they could be used as privacy windows in a gas station bath room! No way.

We do our best, and when you see a problem, and tell us about it. We do our best to make you happy! Sadly, we can’t make the car’s “booboo all better” or kiss the parking lot door dings and make them go away. We can give you professional, solid service whether an exterior only wash, a full inside and out wash, deluxe service or time intensive, fussy detail. That’s what Speedy Sparkle Car Wash does for its customers.  Care for your car and make you happy.

The extra touch services we provide our clients every day make the difference which our discerning customers appreciate. That’s why Loveland Reporter-Herald readers have voted us the best car wash in Loveland for 2012 and 2013.

Time is an issue for everyone today. The few minutes you are out of your car – while we do the washing and cleaning – you can:

  • Catch up on your emails with our free Wi-Fi,
  • Facebook, Twitter, or Tumbler,
  • Play Angry Birds on your phone,
  • Call or text a friend,
  • Practice your favorite cowboy campfire songs on your harmonica,
  • Read a magazine (ours are up to date, unlike the Barber Shop),
  • Browse a book from our lending library and maybe take it home to read,
  • Watch TV – cable news, soaps, sports – lots of channels,
  • Enjoy a coffee and some complimentary popcorn,
  • Buy a Birthday Card for Uncle Satchmo,
  • Get revved with a Mountain Dew or Red Bull from the beverage coolers,
  • Buy  a cute little widget, a pair of  exotic sunglasses or candy from our gift shop,
  • Go next door for a Subway sandwich,
  • Get your hair or nails done,
  • Go to the bathroom,
  • Stock up on beer, wine , booze or all three,  from the neighboring liquor store,
  • and – WHEW – you can get a lot done and have a clean car – inside and out!

As I said, we make you happy with a clean car inside and out – save you time and you won’t break a sweat!